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Spotted has great potential for a better ranking. Like Happn, the second chance concept is very good. It is also nice to see who is nearby and who you could meet quickly truly free hookup sites. The costs are manageable and the app is well structured. The low spread across different age groups is the crux of Spotted. With an increasing distribution, better placement is easily possible. Other apps and also the direct competitor Happn have the lead.

Zoosk, at the bottom of the list, suffers primarily from its credibility. If the impression arises that fake profiles lure people to paid VIP services, then the fun goes very quickly. If no real person answers despite payment, then frustration is inevitable. Disappointments can always threaten you, but when baited it is even more frustrating. This is certainly not only the case with this dating app, but this is where it is most noticeable. Otherwise, Zoosk has very good approaches through the different ways of introducing new people to the user. But when it comes to interpersonal relationships, credibility should be a prerequisite.

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