Without proper communication, assumptions might get in the way and create misunderstandings. Initially, the best form of getting in touch is to call us. That way, we can determine if any of our ladies are good fit for you.
For advance bookings more than 24 hours away, contact us through “Book Now” or “Contact Us” form. 3 to 4 hours confirmation on the day of your engagement with the lady is needed.


We are all equally concerned about privacy. The world that we are about to share exists in a dimension known only to us. Once we part, the world seals until we meet again. Should our paths ever cross in public, it will be as though we are complete strangers, no matter the nature or depth of our relationship.


Your engagement may overflow with so much excitement and enjoyment that time escapes you. While we are not a clock-watcher, please respect the agreed upon timeframe of your encounter. Should you desire to extend, just ask! As long as the schedule permits and your donation matches the extension accordingly, let your passion reign.


A chivalrous gentleman genuinely displays courteous and polite behaviour. He is kind, considerate and respectful and will always revere a woman’s wishes and morals. He will remain within the boundaries of her comfort zone and honor her safety precautions.


There are times when life complicates our schedules creating tardiness or cancellation. Most of the time, we are able to foresee such occurrences. Please allow for as much advanced notice as possible whether it is a last minute meeting, traffic or other unpredictable delays. If you choose to reschedule at a later time or date we kindly try to accommodate you of the best of our availability.


At Mature Kensington Escorts we try to keep our rates as reasonable as possible.
Donations are accepted in cash, are not negotiable and not open for discussion.


While a review can be a double-edged sword, we trust that gentlemen will adhere to respect and consideration when writing about his encounter. While we pride ourselves on having built an excellent reputation with our suitors, reach out and let us know if there are any details that you would like to impress upon us. Slanderous, disrespectful or exploitative words are unnecessary and would be grounds to end our acquaintance.